• -QuorraBot 1.18 is now available.

UPDATE: Twitch chat and whisper server migrations


Staff member
Twitch has migrated both their chat servers and group whisper servers to Amazon Web Services, I have adjusted the bot's core to work properly for this. Without version 1.10 the bot will not be able to send or receive whispers.

Additionally, the method in which twitch sends host alerts has been changed via api and is currently very slow. I have changed the way this is detected, so that it works properly, however this requires users to input an oauth key for the streamer account. If you have already done this, you will need to re-do it, as I have updated the api page to include chat functionality in the permissions.


Verified Users can find version 1.10 available to them in the Downloads section of the forum.

More information on twitch's group chat migration can be found here: