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Twitch chat server changes/migration

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UPDATE: 3/12-16: Version 1.08 of the bot will now handle this for you.

**Please note:

Twitch has begun to migrate their chat services to new Amazon Web Services servers. They are changing the chat server address and slowly moving channels over.

If your channel is one affected by this and the bot stops responding, please open botlogin.txt and set hostname=irc.chat.twitch.tv

This will -only- work for channels that have been migrated. If your channel has not been migrated yet, it must remain at the default irc.twitch.tv. Once their migration is complete I will push a new update with the new address as the default in the core.

Again, -only- change the address if your channel's chat has been migrated:
"Until a partner is moved to the AWS cluster you won't see any chat on irc.chat.twitch.tv. After they move, they will show up on that connection, and no more chat goes to the old server (irc.twitch.tv)"

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