• -QuorraBot 1.18 is now available.

QuorraBot 1.17 Now available, future of the project.


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It's been a while since I've had some time to sit down and work out kinks on the bot. Life's been busy but I plan on making this a more regular occurrence once again, as well as digging into updating and adding more features.

Curently this is a minor release that fixes Discord compatibility (again), and updates Websockets so that it works with openjdk rather than requiring Oracle's java and brings the bot to a bit more of a functional state, however I have big plans for the next release, as well as additions/changes to everything as a whole.

You can downlad version 1.17 here:


I would also like to point out that the bot's full source code is available here if anyone would like to contribute:


So here's the game plan going forward:

-Change forum software to something open source and purge/clean forum
-Make the Download and Install process more up front and accessible
-Turn all of the guides in the Help/Support section into a usable, easier to navigate Wiki

-Expand Discord support
-Tackle any additional outstanding bugs
-Look into more feature requests

-Finish and release publicly
-Add remaining features from the bot

What I need:
-Bug reports. Any current major bugs, please let me know as I'd like to start tackling them for the next release. Ultimately I want to get the bot to a good, solid -STABLE- state again, then proceed to add features.

Currently broken:
-!followage as non-streamer does not work
-!title as non-streamer does not work