• -QuorraBot 1.18 is now available.

QuorraBot 1.15 Now available (Twitch API update)


Staff member
Hi all. it's been a long time. I noticed some things recently weren't working properly due to twitch api changes, so I've corrected them.

-There is currently -NOT a windows .exe, Windows users please run using the .bat file instead.
-There is currently an issue with Streamlabs API thats not allowing GET requests for donation information with a proper API key. I'm waiting for them to fix that
-Gamewisp support has been removed, as the affiliate program has kind of made it deprecated and the alerts can be added through streamlabs. If there is a demand for it I'll re-add it, trying to clean up some clutter.
-Paragon script has been removed (rip paragon).

Just a reminder that the bot's source is now openly available on github, although we will be moving to gitlab shortly

You can find the download here: