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1.14 Now Available (Feature and Performance Update)

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Hi guys. This month marks about 2 years since I first started working on this project. We've come a hell of a long way. That being said, I've given literally all of my energy and time in the last few weeks to cranking out this update. For verified users, you can find a list of changes and updates in the forums under the Download Quorrabot section. I've aimed to make 1.14 as bugless as I possibly can, but alas I'm sure someone will find something. If so, just post it in the Help/Support forum and myself or one of my mods will be glad to help.

This will be the last -major- update on the bot for a while, as I aim to focus more on getting the Control Panel and the Wiki finished before adding more to the bot. I will continue with minor bug fixes of course, but additional features will be put on hold until I can catch up with both the Control Panel and the Wiki first.

Additionally, once I have a stable version of the control panel, I will be making a publicly viewable repository for anyone who wishes to contribute.

Myself and my mods will be beginning to move all of the guides from the help section into the WIki, as well as the commands for the commands list.

For those that use and enjoy the bot, THANK YOU. I appreciate all the input/bug reports/positive words that many of you have relayed to me!

If you would like to rate and add some positive words towards the bot, please feel free to do so via our OBS forum thread: https://obsproject.com/forum/thread...tform-multi-purpose-twitch-tv-chat-bot.25690/
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