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Information about the bot.

QuorraBot is a multi-purpose, cross-platform, user-hosted chat bot for twitch.tv.

It was originally named PhantomBot, created by mast3rplan, gmt2001, myself, and phantomindex in August of 2014, and made open source in March of 2015. In January of 2016, a forum member by the name of Juraji forked the code with his own core changes, and with phantomindex, parted ways with a different team under the GPLv3 license. I began working privately on the code while still releasing compiled versions freely, as I was not happy with my work being forked or the quality of the commits being added without thorough testing by other team members. That being said, I was not the only person who worked on the project, thus my personal feelings did not tie well with the rest of the team.

I do however, love the open source community, and I do realize the value of it. I also realize that although a LARGE portion of the work done before the split was both mine and gmt2001's, there were many others who contributed in both code and ways beyond such as testing and being an active part in the community. That being said, I am once again making the project open-source.:

Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry pi.

This bot runs as a stand alone application. You can run it independantly. It does not require OBS in any way to run.

This bot can run on your own computer with a twitch account you create for the bot.
This bot can be run on a server as a service.
This bot can be accessed remotely if the user opens the bot port on their router.

There is currently NO interface when you run the bot. It will only show you a black console text box that you can type commands into. This bot relies heavily on learning to use its commands.


- Youtube song request/music player system
- Chat spam/link/caps etc moderation
- Notice/timed message system
- Follow/host/subscribe alerts in chat
- Donation alerts in chat via TwitchAlerts, StreamTip, or Tipeeestream
- Point system (with online and offline point gain customizable)
- Keyword giveaway/raffle system (say keyword in chat)
- Ticket Raffle system (buy tickets with points)
- Customizeable group and group permission system
- Command cooldown system
- Player queue system (for playing with viewers)
- Poll system
- Raid system (for counting times someone raids you as well as raiding others)
- Follow/shoutout system
- Time system which includes streamer uptime and bot uptime, as well as streamer current time
- Highlight system for creating a timestamp list to go back and highlight VODs later
- Greeting system (users can set a customized greeting for themselves when they enter the channel)
- Custom commands with tags available (such as (count) (sender) (target) (touser) (customapi) etc)
- Custom API tag system for custom commands
- Multi command for easily setting multi link via !multi set name1 name2
- Last seen command to check when a user was last in the channel
- Topic, Game commands for setting or viewing streamer's current topic/status and game
- Quote system
- Alias command system for setting an alias to known commands (such as aliasing !addsong to !songrequest)
- Whisper system (bot can whisper most user-requested answers to avoid chat-spamming). Bot can also receive commands via whisper.
- Language system: lang file can be customized to fit your channels language.
- GameWisp integration
- TwitchAlerts integration
- StreamTip integration
- Tipeeestream integration
- Twitter integration (can auto tweet when stream goes live, can tweet from chat)
- Discord integration (can auto announce when stream goes live, can talk from chat)
- Last.fm integration (can read last.fm scrobbles to use with !currentsong)
- Paragon command stats from agora.gg
- Destiny command stats (shoutout to xerghard!)
- Command price system (if points enabled)
- Bankheist system
- Bet system
- Slot-machine system
- Custom !console command
- 8ball command
- Kill command
- Random command

- Roll command
- Roulette command
- Top 10 command
- Marathon command for scheduling marathons
- Phrase system for the bot to say things when a specified phrase is said in chat

Extra advantages of using the bot:

- Low thread usage - the bot is designed to run using minimal resources
- High-rate performance - the bot has been thoroughly tested and is currently used in multiple partnered twitch channels.
- Java-based. the core runs on java, and the scripts are written in javascript. It is very easy to make your own custom scripts for the bot.
- Server friendly - can be set up to run as a background Linux service with an auto-restart script. Systemd scripts can be found in the forums.



There are several custom scripts also available for the bot including Destiny, Paragon, and Guild Wars 2 stats trackers, custom counters (for example counting deaths in dark souls), as well as many mini-games.

PHP-Based control panel coming soon
I am currently doing an overhaul on our php-based web control panel for the bot. This will be announced when it is finished.

Wiki coming soon
We are currently in the process of converting our many forum guides for different features of the bot into an easy-to-navigate wiki. Until then, please see the help section of the forums if you have any questions or problems!

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