1. -QuorraBot 1.17 is now available.
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Dec 26, 2020
Feb 23, 2015
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another scripts update, fixes permcom to work properly and mode o removing properly on usermode events and leave events in irc Jul 12, 2015

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Dec 26, 2020
    1. Duggy
      Hey man! Bankheist still doesnt seem to work, even when online. any ideas?
      1. GloriousEggroll
        please keep help requests in the help forum. it is hard for me to keep track here.
        Jun 11, 2016
    2. Bryer Edwards
      Bryer Edwards
      Hello GloriousEggroll. I notice that the downloads on the forum are pre-compiled. I cannot seem to find the source, and a jar decompiler breaks some of the code.

      Is there anywhere the source is readily available? Or do we have to send you a post/whisper?

      Thank you,
      1. GloriousEggroll
        Jun 11, 2016
    3. Xymphany
      Hey, now that I am verified, how do I go about downloading the bot? Cheers.
    4. Kelvinz011
      I'm a bit disturbed that after installing the bot and knowing it is running, I can't even access it!,.. Where do I go?,.. I guess I have to open a browser window, but what do I type?... This information is available absolutly NOWHERE! Can you help me ?... thank you
      1. GloriousEggroll
        Please make a forum post in the help section as it's much harder for me to keep track of profile posts. When the bot is set up it should be running in a simple black command prompt window. You then minimize it and begin to enter commands into the twitch chat to adjust the bot to your liking. There is no interface to the bot. It is all command driven.
        Apr 24, 2016
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    5. twillsie
      Hey Glorious. I am thinking about creating a Custom script guide and making a very well commented sample script that can be used by those with some javascript experience. But before I spend all that time doing that, I just wanted to get your opinion if it would be worth it for me to create such a document/script.
      1. GloriousEggroll likes this.
      2. GloriousEggroll
        this would actually be extremely useful and appreciated. I was thinking of creating a wiki that users could refer to but again, juggling projects and time dont mesh well together lol
        Apr 20, 2016
    6. gager
      i could just be an idiot, but where exactly do i download the bot? im assuming my account is verified because i can see the download thread, but where do i download it at?
      1. Disgraced_Gamer
        Apr 2, 2016
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    7. Tessica15
      Hello!!! I wanted to double check that QuorraBot is comparable with Mac?
      1. twillsie
        QuarroBot is compatible on Mac OS X you just need to have the latest Java runtime and follow the modified launch instructions in the Setup guide and you will be fine.
        Apr 20, 2016
    8. zombot
      Hello Eggroll! not rushing you, just curious. How long Aprox. will it take to get verified and begin to use your Bot? Thanks again :)
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    9. Zapstriker
      I wasn't sure where to send it to you, but I figured a direct msg to the wall will be good enough. EDIT: Removing link.
    10. DustInLint
      I know this isn't the right area to be posting about this, but I made a post in the appropriate forum for applying to use your bot, but I haven't heard a reply about that for quite a while now.
      1. GloriousEggroll
        I verified your account already, you should have full access to the forums
        Mar 12, 2016
    11. GloriousEggroll
      another scripts update, fixes permcom to work properly and mode o removing properly on usermode events and leave events in irc
    12. GloriousEggroll
      ...and scripts update for youtube player reading incorrect directory for playlist and current song
    13. GloriousEggroll
      builds updated yet again. found out console and chatmsg parser dont like async
    14. GloriousEggroll
      builds updated again. I ADDED WHISPER SUPPORT. <3
    15. GloriousEggroll
      builds updated. notes posted in 1.6.0 release notes thread
    16. GloriousEggroll
      good news for you large viewer-count streams: we found the source of the slowdown-FINALLY-. update incoming
    17. GloriousEggroll
    18. GloriousEggroll
      1.5.9 builds updated again regarding large viewer base channels. parser should be fixed (i hope). tested but needs confirmation
    19. GloriousEggroll
      another update posted for 1.5.9, core updated, scripts updated. all download links updated
    20. GloriousEggroll
      small scripts update posted, fixes some api error causes in youtubeplayer.js
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