1. -QuorraBot 1.17 is now available.

QuorraBot - Multipurpose Twitch.tv chat bot

QuorraBot - Multipurpose Twitch.tv chat bot

It's been a while since I've had some time to sit down and work out kinks on the bot. Life's been busy but I plan on making this a more regular occurrence once again, as well as digging into updating and adding more features.

Curently this is a minor release that fixes Discord compatibility (again), and updates Websockets so that it works with openjdk rather than requiring Oracle's java and brings the bot to a bit more of a functional state, however I have big plans for the next release, as well as additions/changes to everything as a whole.

You can downlad version 1.17 here:


I would also like to point out that the bot's full source code is available here if anyone would like to contribute:


So here's the game plan going forward:

-Change forum software to something open source and purge/clean forum
-Make the Download and Install process more up front and accessible
-Turn all of the guides in the Help/Support section into a usable, easier to navigate Wiki

-Expand Discord support
-Tackle any additional outstanding bugs
-Look into more feature requests

-Finish and release publicly
-Add remaining features from the bot

What I need:
-Bug reports. Any current major bugs, please let me know as I'd like to start tackling them for the next release. Ultimately I want to get the bot to a good, solid -STABLE- state again, then proceed to add features.

Currently broken:
-!followage as non-streamer does not work
-!title as non-streamer does not work
Hi all, I've fixed a few things for this release:

-fixed discord support, !discordchat commands now work again as well as stream announcements in discord
-fixed twitch api name resolution, for some reason it would work on some and not others
-fixed a java error that was popping up due to gzip
-fixed games correctly being identified when the stream game is changed
-fixed point system group multipliers not working properly

this should be a solid update over the previous 1.15 version

You can find the download here after logging in:
Hi all. it's been a long time. I noticed some things recently weren't working properly due to twitch api changes, so I've corrected them.

-There is currently -NOT a windows .exe, Windows users please run using the .bat file instead.
-There is currently an issue with Streamlabs API thats not allowing GET requests for donation information with a proper API key. I'm waiting for them to fix that
-Gamewisp support has been removed, as the affiliate program has kind of made it deprecated and the alerts can be added through streamlabs. If there is a demand for it I'll re-add it, trying to clean up some clutter.
-Paragon script has been removed (rip paragon).

Just a reminder that the bot's source is now openly available on github, although we will be moving to gitlab shortly

You can find the download here:
Hi guys. This month marks about 2 years since I first started working on this project. We've come a hell of a long way. That being said, I've given literally all of my energy and time in the last few weeks to cranking out this update. For verified users, you can find a list of changes and updates in the forums under the Download Quorrabot section. I've aimed to make 1.14 as bugless as I possibly can, but alas I'm sure someone will find something. If so, just post it in the Help/Support forum and myself or one of my mods will be glad to help.

This will be the last -major- update on the bot for a while, as I aim to focus more on getting the Control Panel and the Wiki finished before adding more to the bot. I will continue with minor bug fixes of course, but additional features will be put on hold until I can catch up with both the Control Panel and the Wiki first.

Additionally, once I have a stable version of the control panel, I will be making a publicly viewable repository for anyone who wishes to contribute.

Myself and my mods will be beginning to move all of the guides from the help section into the WIki, as well as the commands for the commands list.

For those that use and enjoy the bot, THANK YOU. I appreciate all the input/bug reports/positive words that many of you have relayed to me!

If you would like to rate and add some positive words towards the bot, please feel free to do so via our OBS forum thread: https://obsproject.com/forum/thread...tform-multi-purpose-twitch-tv-chat-bot.25690/
Twitch has migrated both their chat servers and group whisper servers to Amazon Web Services, I have adjusted the bot's core to work properly for this. Without version 1.10 the bot will not be able to send or receive whispers.

Additionally, the method in which twitch sends host alerts has been changed via api and is currently very slow. I have changed the way this is detected, so that it works properly, however this requires users to input an oauth key for the streamer account. If you have already done this, you will need to re-do it, as I have updated the api page to include chat functionality in the permissions.


Verified Users can find version 1.10 available to them in the Downloads section of the forum.

More information on twitch's group chat migration can be found here:
UPDATE: 3/12-16: Version 1.08 of the bot will now handle this for you.

**Please note:

Twitch has begun to migrate their chat services to new Amazon Web Services servers. They are changing the chat server address and slowly moving channels over.

If your channel is one affected by this and the bot stops responding, please open botlogin.txt and set hostname=irc.chat.twitch.tv

This will -only- work for channels that have been migrated. If your channel has not been migrated yet, it must remain at the default irc.twitch.tv. Once their migration is complete I will push a new update with the new address as the default in the core.

Again, -only- change the address if your channel's chat has been migrated:
"Until a partner is moved to the AWS cluster you won't see any chat on irc.chat.twitch.tv. After they move, they will show up on that connection, and no more chat goes to the old server (irc.twitch.tv)"

If you enjoy our bot and would like to share a few positive words with other streamers who use both twitch and OBS, feel free to leave feedback here: