1. -Quorrabot applications no longer necessary -Quorrabot now open-source on github -Version 1.15 coming soon.

New Profile Posts

  1. Ginger Ninja
  2. MRL87DUDE
    Just chilling!
  3. dtrump7500
  4. Malpheus
    Hunting monsters on twitch~
  5. Carol Owens
    Carol Owens
    Hello and welcome to my channel. Coming online soon.
  6. FuPlaayz
  7. twillsie
    Making Quorrabot setup videos this weekend.
  8. Ker_Bear
    Hanging with Genki Yurikuma Ker @ twitch.tv/indi_ker
  9. Ariadne
    Currently working on the Wiki.
  10. Kalamity
  11. MKyron
    I can now use QuorraBot :D
  12. Hellbeast58
    I Am Hellbeast58 on Twitch
  13. anthony133717
  14. XDesignPlays
    Patience is the key.
  15. twillsie
    In the process of adding a restore feature to raffleSystem.js. Done and tested working on 11.1, testing on 12.1 tomorrow.
  16. cameron123
    cameron123 Solid
    watch out
  17. Duggy
    Duggy GloriousEggroll
    Hey man! Bankheist still doesnt seem to work, even when online. any ideas?
    1. GloriousEggroll
      please keep help requests in the help forum. it is hard for me to keep track here.
      Jun 11, 2016
  18. Bryer Edwards
    Bryer Edwards GloriousEggroll
    Hello GloriousEggroll. I notice that the downloads on the forum are pre-compiled. I cannot seem to find the source, and a jar decompiler breaks some of the code.

    Is there anywhere the source is readily available? Or do we have to send you a post/whisper?

    Thank you,
    1. GloriousEggroll
      Jun 11, 2016
  19. Xymphany
    Xymphany GloriousEggroll
    Hey, now that I am verified, how do I go about downloading the bot? Cheers.
  20. Kelvinz011
    Kelvinz011 GloriousEggroll
    I'm a bit disturbed that after installing the bot and knowing it is running, I can't even access it!,.. Where do I go?,.. I guess I have to open a browser window, but what do I type?... This information is available absolutly NOWHERE! Can you help me ?... thank you
    1. GloriousEggroll
      Please make a forum post in the help section as it's much harder for me to keep track of profile posts. When the bot is set up it should be running in a simple black command prompt window. You then minimize it and begin to enter commands into the twitch chat to adjust the bot to your liking. There is no interface to the bot. It is all command driven.
      Apr 24, 2016
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